Our Products

We currently offer Smoke Point “Lucky Number 13” Red Salsa (once you taste it you’ll know why we stopped at formula 13) , our “Viva La Verde” Green Salsa (green salsas sometimes get lost in the shuffle, but one taste of Viva La Verde is all it takes to scream “Long Live the Green!”) and for those who like things a little hotter, The Heater (Our newest all-natural salsa delivers a superb balance of fresh chilies and tomatoes with the perfect touch of that award-winning smoked flavor).

Pique Your Flavor!

We are rapidly expanding our line of salsas and will soon add rubs and other products to offer a wider variety of options to our customers.  All future products will bring the distinct Smoke Point flavor.  Have a product idea you'd like to see?  We'd love to hear about it!  Stay tuned!